Pokémon Blue Sea Edition Download Latest Version

Original VersionPokemon Fire Red
VersionBeta 1
Handheld Gaming ConsoleGame Boy Advance
RegionWorldwide (USA, EUR)
Size5.1 MB
Release Year2007

Download the latest Pokémon Blue Sea Edition ROM hack to get the gaming experience of Pokémon Fire Red in blue sea. The developer has used the Codebase of Pokémon Fire red in this hack. Start your journey as a player Gold or Crystal to enjoy this amazing game. Also check Pokémon Sako ROM which is also remake of fire red with a different style.


Game Story

After winning Kanto Championship Gold and Crystal has started journey towards Johto region to meet new fighters to conquer and to be famed around the globe. After five years they have listened that new gym leaders arrived and they do not accept them champion. And they also heard about some new fighters i.e. Team Magma and Elite Four.

When they came back everything has changed in Kanto even Professor Oak’s also leave the town and now his laboratory is under control of Professor Elm. Now the real game begins because after five years due to many changes in town they are alone and have no friend but only powerful enemies. To gain their respect and show up they are real champions they have to fight hard.

Pokémon Blue Sea Edition Features

  • Remapped Areas: This game is remake of Pokémon fire red so maps are same as fire red but there are slight changes in locations, sprites and graphical interface.
  • New Kyledove’s Tile Sets : The story of this hack is slightly different from other Pokémon games and in this game you will find new Kyledove’s tile sets with the style and aesthetics of the official Pokémon games.
  • Powerful Enemies: You will fight with new heroes and rivals in this game including 8 Gym leaders and elite four with the integration of five other Pokémon games including Blue, Red, Pearl, Diamond and Silver.

Installation Guide

  • Download the zip file from the download button.
  • Install any GBA emulator like Myboy, VisualboyAdvance or emulator which is required for your desired operating system.
  • For Android and iOS you can download emulators now from play store and app store.
  • For Windows you can download from window store.
  • Load the rom into emulator.
  • Start Enjoying!

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