Download Pokémon Blue ROM (Latest Version)

Pokemon Blue Rom Image

Basic Information:

Game NamePokémon Blue
Size371 KB
LanguageUSA English
ConsoleGameBoy(GB) Console

Here comes another interesting version of Pokémon games named Pokémon Blue ROM that players can play via the Gameboy(GBC) emulator. It is a pretty light game, contains very little space, but provides you with a very exciting gaming experience. Here on this website, we provide you the USA English version of this only and you can enjoy this one on your PC, Android, or IOS cellphone. It is the best Pokémon Blue ROM, so you won’t face any sort of issue with it. 

About Pokémon Blue Version ROM:

The best thing about this Blue version is that the gameplay is quite similar to the other Pokémon games, which is why players won’t face any kind of difficulty in understanding it. Here you will also explore a lot of different regions where you will face multiple sorts of challenges, and the best thing is that each and every challenge is different plus difficult from the others. 

The game will start with a little introduction of professor Oak, also known as the Pokémon prof., who provides you with starting Pokémon and shows you the correct path to follow at the start of the game. Once you start the journey the next will be completely up to you, how you manage to get other Pokémon creatures, and the completion of every level. 

Just after the start of the game you have to mention your name, you can select the already available gaming names, or you can mention yours, it is completely up to you. After that, you select the name of your rival as well, as you can also see in the image. And after doing all this the actual game will start.

select the rival names


Customization Options:

One of the best features of the game is the customization options where players can easily change the speed of the text that appears on the screen, battle animations, and some other features. For doing this, just go to the settings of the game, and here you do every sort of thing pretty easily. 

game settings image

New Pokeballs:

Almost every Pokémon game player loves to use Pokeballs because these balls help them to catch new unique Pokémon creatures having more robust powers and features that help them to overcome opponent pokemon in the battle arena. And in this version you will get a lot of Pokeballs, so download the Pokemon Blue Version ROM and start enjoying. 

Reusable TMs:

Pokémon Blue ROM hack also include in this version through which you can use Technical Machines (TMs) repeatedly without any issue. So, download this game and start enjoying it without any issues. 

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Final Words:

Many players find it difficult to play the ROM versions on iPhone, but you can play this one quite easily on every single platform. The availability of unique options and additional features will surely entertain you a lot, so just download it and start enjoying this version.

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