Pokemon Blaze Black 2 Redux Image

Basic Information:

Game NamePokemon Blaze Black 2 Redux
Size252 MB

In this article, I have provided you with the complete information about Pokemon Blaze Black 2 Redux ROM, and to your surprise this game is not the original version but a ROM Hack of Pokemon Black 2, and just like Pokemon Volt White 2 Redux, this one is also developed by Drayano. 

Most of the time the fan-based hack proves more interesting and full of adventure and this is one of them. A lot of improvements and the addition of new challenges make it everyone’s favorite. Some of the most famous chances of this game are the presence of new Pokemon, new moves, and improved trainers.

So, now you understand that no matter whether you have already played the Pokemon Black 2 version or not you will enjoy a new experience in this Hack version. 

Pokemon Blaze Black 2 Redux ROM:

Keep in mind that to play this game you have to build robust strategies because the battles are more difficult in it. Although the addition of new moves and skills in the Pokemon helps you a lot, first you have to learn how to use them and which strategy would be best for which scenario, after that, you are able to move ahead. 

Game Screenshots

New Pokemon:

There are a total of 503 different Pokemon available in this version and more than 60 are entirely new. Moreover, all these Pokemon have unique abilities and moves, so by using them you can be one step ahead in the battles. 

Improved Graphics:

All the backgrounds and animations have been improved in this version, which makes the game more interesting and exciting. You will also experience new Spirits of Pokemon in it as well. 

Rematch with Gym Leaders:

You are allowed to enjoy the battle matches again with the gym leaders once you defeat the Elite Four. Remember that gym leaders are more powerful, so build strong strategies to defeat them.

Randomizer Mode: 

This mode is a new addition to this version. When you switch it on you will encounter numerous wild Pokemon and find a lot of new items as well. I am sure this mode will prove quite enjoyable for everyone. 


New Areas:

A lot of new areas have been introduced in the Unova region, such as Hidden Grottos and White Forest. In all the areas you can catch new Pokemon as well as numerous free items. 

Final Words:

Download Pokemon Blaze Black 2 Redux ROM on your device and you are able to catch the legendary & mythical creatures, explore a wide area, enjoy countless battles, and top of all enjoy updated graphics. Here are two more recommended NDS ROMS every Pokemon game lover must try, Pokemon Black Version ROM and, Pokemon Ranger ROM.