Pokemon Black Version Image

Basic Information:

Game NamePokemon Black
Size105 MB

I know every Pokemon game series lover wants to know about this Pokemon Black ROM as well and especially for them I have covered all important aspects of this game in this article. This game was released in 2010 and it is the 5th installment in this Pokemon series.

Also, just like the other versions, you will see many different Pokemon creatures in it, and you will try your best to capture all of them. Do not forget to download the free Pokemon Mega Platinum Nintendo DS ROM.

About Pokemon Black ROM:

This game depicts the journey of a young trainer who explores the complete area of Unova Region and in his journey, he will fight with other trainers and gym leaders.

Moreover, what really makes this game different from the others is the introduction of a new feature called C-Gear. It is a pretty awesome feature that allows you to connect with other players for trading and for this there is no need for a wired connection, this feature works wirelessly. 

Game Image

New Pokemon:

There are 156 new Pokemon that have been introduced in this Black NDS ROM Version, which makes the gameplay more interesting. The names of some of the most powerful Pokemon are Haxorus, the dragon-type Pokemon, Volcarona, the bug-shaped Pokemon, Archeops, a flying-type Pokemon, and many others. 

Triple Battles:

The battling system of the black version has also been overhauled, now instead of one or two Pokemon you can use three different Pokemon for the battle. This feature makes the battling system more complex and strategic at the same time. Keep in mind that the triple battle system is pretty different, so you have to select the Pokemon wisely. Here you can enjoy more triple battles by downloading Pokemon Diamond Sun And Moon NDS ROM.

Seasonal Cycle:

The dynamic seasonal cycle feature has also been introduced in this version where you will virtually experience four different seasons. Each season lasts approximately one month in real-time, so you will see a completely new appearance of the Unova region every four months.

In each new season, you will encounter different wild Pokemon and due to changing weather seasons, some new areas of the region will open to exploring and a few old ones will become inaccessible.


Enemy Group:

Team Plasma is the main villain group of this game. They are well trained and to fight with them you have to capture all-powerful Pokemon. Throughout the game, you will fight with a lot of different members of this team. So, always be aware and ready for the fight.

Final Words:

Pokemon Black ROM is an NDS console version. If you want to play its enhanced version: Pokemon Black 2 ROM then you can also download it from this website. This game has an engaging storyline and pretty attractive graphics, which is why I suggest you give it a try.