Pokemon Black 2 ROM Image

Basic Information:

Game NamePokemon Black 2 ROM (Latest Version)
Size147 MB
RegionUSA, Europe

Pokemon Black Version 2 (frieNDS) is a role-playing genre game and it supports the Nintendo DS console and emulator. If you have played the Pokemon Black version and liked it then you will like to play this one as well because it is the sequel to the Black version. Just two years after the release of the Black version, this second version was released. 

About Pokemon Black 2 ROM:

Here our main protagonist explores the Unova region with the aim of completing the task that has been assigned to him. As you are controlling him throughout the game, it is your duty to make sure he becomes successful throughout the game. 

Also, on your journey, you will face plenty of different Pokemon creatures, so just like you do in other Pokemon games try your level best to capture them in this version as well. And after the training, these Pokemon will help you win the battles against other trainers.  You can also download Pokemon SoulSilver ROM from here if you need a little bit different gaming experience.

Game Image

What’s New:

The story and gameplay have been expanded in this version, so you will explore a lot of new places, and meet with new characters, and the best thing, to increase the pleasure, numerous new challenges have also been introduced in it. 

One of the unique features of this game is the addition of Pokemon World Tournaments, which allows all the players to battle against the trainers from all of the previous Pokemon games, including the most famous gym leaders and the champions of all the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, etc regions.  So, you can revive your favorite battles once again. 

Also, a new feature named Memory Link is also available in this version, especially for those who have played the previous Black version game.  As I have explained earlier, it is the enhanced version, so owing to this Memory Link feature you can easily transfer your previous progress.

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Addition of New Pokemon:

Along with the Pokemon creatures that you have seen in the previous version there are many new ones also introduced in it, such as the start Pokemon, you have the choice of Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott. Moreover, a legendary Pokemon named Kyurem is also available in this game. 

More Detailed Graphics:

Both the graphics and sound are pretty attractive in this version. Makers have put huge consideration in the detailing, so you will see more improved character models, places designed with pretty vibrant colors, and a wide range of sound effects. So, your overall experience will be quite interesting here. 

Final Words:

I have played this version, so according to my experience this Pokemon Black 2 ROM (frieNDS) is an excellent game. Here you will experience new features, difficult challenges, new Pokemon creatures, exploration of new places, and many other things, which will make the gameplay pretty interesting for you.

For Pokemon series lovers, this version will prove a gem. So, download it now and start enjoying a new Pokemon game.