Download the Pokemon Battle Fire ROM GBA and enjoy the Pokemon Ruby hack without a handheld gaming console on any operating system using an Emulator.

Recommended Emulators for GBA ROMs are:

  • My Boy: for Android
  • VisualBoyAdvance: for Windows
  • GBA4iOS: for iOS
Hack ofPokemon Ruby
Handheld Gaming ConsoleGame Boy Advance (GBA)
RegionWorld, USA, EUR, JP
Release Year2008


This game is based upon a cybernetic clone of Lugia who is once created by evil gym leaders and teams with the help of Lugia also known as God of Sea’s DNA. In older days the Lugia clone destroyed many towns and cities and killed innocent people but after that, some nobles caught him and imprisoned him in an unknown place in the Ernah region.

In this game, the evil team Vyris has made the plan to release the clone again to scatter destruction again in the globe. You have been informed of their bloody plan during your journey towards Macavayenn Town with your parents. But as a Pokemon Champion and the world’s best trainer you have other responsibilities too. Let’s get ready to save the world from the plans of these evil monsters.


Pokemon Battle Fire ROM Features

  • Better Graphical User Interface (GUI) with some new additions.
  • Around 202 Pokemon from Gen 1 to 3
  • New Heroes, Gym Leaders, Elite Four, and Evil Team Vyris as your main competitors.
  • New Maps include parks, buildings, caves, and different cities.



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