Pokemon Ascent ROM Image

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of “Pokemon Ascent ROM,” where you enjoy ascending a tower where on every floor you have to fight and after knocking out the opponent you will move ahead. As you know most of the Pokemon games revolve around exploring the region,  fighting with the gym leaders, and becoming the champion, this game is far from this concept. The Pokemon Emerald Hack provides you the opportunity to fight as much as you like. 


In simple words there is no storyline of this game, you won’t have to complete any tasks of the Professor nor you have to get the starter Pokemon to kick start your journey. Here just get the features and the items on each floor and build the team to fight for the next battle on the upcoming floor. That’s all. 


Attractive Graphics:

Graphics are one of the most interesting and important aspects of the Pokemon game, and that is why every developer no matter where he designed for the official Pokemon company or developing a ROM Hack, puts a strong focus on the attractiveness of the graphics. 

In-Game Currency:

You are able to acquire game currencies such as tokens, coins, and other types of money to unlock different items in this game. These currencies help you a lot in this game, that is why I suggest you collect as much as you like. 

Pokemon Ascent ROM Conclusion:

If you like to participate in the action-packed fighting-based gameplay then this is the perfect game for you. In Pokemon Ascent ROM you are able to fight with the opponent and move ahead for the next fight.

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