DeveloperHeadstrong Games
Pokemon SeriesArt Academy
Handheld ConsoleNintendo 3DS
RegionJP, EU, AU, NA, USA
Game GenreDrawing, Educational
Release Year2014

Download the latest Pokemon Art Academy ROM CIA to play the game on any operating system i.e. iOS, Android, Windows using an emulator. This game is best for kids who want to draw cartoon characters as their side hobby. Young people like me who are fans of Pokemon creatures and also have some interest in arts also love to play this cute drawing game.

In this artistic game, you will learn how to draw various Pokemon characters using Nintendo 3DS handheld gaming console stylus and touch screen. You will learn different drawing techniques in four types of lessons to make a sketch of your favorite Pokemon from different aspects and give it a shape through coloring.

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Drawing Lessons

To make this game enjoyable and thrilling this game is divided into four game modes depending on the drawing lessons and characters i.e. Pikachu, Froakie, and Piplup.

Game Modes

  • Sketchpad Lessons: In this mode, you will learn the basics of sketching and drawing.
  • Art Lessons: In this, you learn some advanced drawing techniques i.e. shading and coloring.
  • Free Paint: You can use drawing tools freely to create your desired painting to boost your creativity.
  • Challenge Mode: In other games, you have maps or enemies, but here you have different challenges of drawing Pokemon. This mode is very helpful in getting different rewards to increase your drawing arsenal.

Pokemon Art Academy ROM

This game features 3D Pokemon models to help players understand the Pokemon’s shape and structure more precisely and draw a perfect drawing piece. In this game, you can also save your designs and can access them later through the game menu to spend your leisure time in this beautiful hobby.

You can use the color palette to make your desired hue or shades by blending different paint colors or buckets. You are also able to share or exchange your quality work with your friends and family to get feedback from them to improve your skills with the help of StreetPass and Miiverse. These are built-in tools to make this game more entertaining.


Obviously, this game is different from other old traditional Pokemon games. But this game with the help of 40 lessons and 100 models provides an interactive and fun way to learn how to draw Pokemon characters by using pencils or color brushes on your sketchbook. So, what are you waiting for, download this ROM file and start your journey as an artist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any DLC in Pokemon Art Academy?

There are two different DLC (Downloadable content) in the game named Groudon, and Kyogre.

How many blocks are available in Pokemon Art Academy?

This game weighs 4,096 blocks, which amounts to about 512MB.