Download this fabulous GBA ROM hack and get ready to be a member of Team Rocket and work under Mr.Giovanni who is the boss of the team in Pokemon Apollo ROM which is developed through the cartridge of Pokemon Fire Red.

VersionBeta 0.3
Orignal GamePokemon Fire Red Version
Original GameMrDollSteak
Release Year2013
Gaming ConsoleGame Boy Advance
Size5.7 MB

About Pokemon Apollo ROM:

Get ready to work for the revival of Team Rocket in the Johto region by following the orders of the boss Giovanni with your starter Pokemon. The gameplay is going to be very adventurous as you have to steal secret keys, fossils, storage disks, and Cubone skulls.

Not only stealing this time you also have to kidnap nurses while you are chased by Saffron City Police so they do not follow you. You also have to explore different areas like Lavender Tower, and the place of Sliph Co. to capture Pokemon for your Pokedex.


This game is very challenging and different from usual Pokemon games as there are no Gyms and trainers to fight, you have to complete different challenges and events for leveling up, gaining EXP, and obtaining badges. You can also download Pokemon Delta Emerald ROM from here.

Game Features

  • No Gyms in the game you have to complete the mission for going up.
  • Three new starter Pokemon: Ekans, Koffing, and Grimer, including generation 1 and generation 2 Pokemon.
  • New Sprites, Moves, Physical and Special split.
  • You can customize your moves in the game.
  • New TM/HM list.
  • Day/Night System.
  • A new Glow Stone was added which is an evolution stone to evolve Pokemon instead of trading.


  • Unlimited Rare Candies: 820258400044
  • Walkthrough Walls: 78DA95DF 44018CB4
  • Infinite HP: 01ff16dd0
  • Unlimited Money: 8E883EFF 92E9660D
  • Get Master balls from Pokemart: 82003884 0001

Pokemon Apollo Installation Guide

To install this GBA ROM hack on your Android, iOS, and PC devices you need to download a GBA Emulator from one of the following according to your operating system. i.e.

  • My Boy: for Android
  • VisualBoyAdvance: for Windows
  • GBA4iOS: for iOS

After that install the emulator and download the ROM file from the above download button and drag it or open it inside the Emulator App. In a few minutes, it will install the game on your desired device and you are ready to enjoy your favorite Pokemon game.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Is Pokemon Apollo Complete?

This is the beta version of the game and the final version is in the development phase. Download it and share your experience so that we can make its completed version by solving all its bugs.

Can you download this Pokemon game on your iPhone?

You need an emulator to play the ROM on any operating system. Read out the installation guide to know how you can play it on iPhone.