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In Pokemon Alpha Sapphire ROM players will experience 3D graphics, electric background music, advanced level mechanics where some are pretty famous old ones while others are completely new to experience, and top of all the best storyline and gameplay makes this 3DS version pretty good. 

Basic Information:

Game NamePokemon Alpha Sapphire
RegionUSA, Europe, Japan
Size1.5 GB
Game Image

About Pokemon Alpha Sapphire ROM:

Before telling you more about this game let me explain one thing to you. It is not an entirely new game but a remake which is why you will experience both common and advanced-level features in it. The game starts with the introduction that Professor Birch will provide to you.

If you are a completely new player who doesn’t know anything about Pokemon, then no need to worry, in the starting intro you get to know everything about these creatures as well as about this Pokemon Alpha Sapphire 3DS ROM.

Your journey will commence in the Littleroot Town of Hoenn Region. This place is filled with adventure and dreams, therefore, you will have quite an enjoyable time in it. After the initial settings of your new house and a little bit of chit-chat with your mother in the game.

You will get your first task along with the starter Pokemon. And just like the other games of this genre you will get the choice of three and you have to select only one from them. Torchic, Mudkip, and Treecko are the three Pokemon in it.

Starter Pokemon

And soon after the selection your encounter with the wild Pokemon will happen and the turn-based battle will start. This was just a demo battle to make you understand how things will work in the game, therefore, your winning in it is confirmed.

Also, there are 700+ different Pokemon creatures available in the game which is why your encounter with different Pokemon will happen very often. So, be ready for the fights and increase your chances of winning by boosting the powers of your selected Pokemon. 

Explore the Area

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A lot of Missions:

Saving Professor Birch from the evil Pokemon is the very first mission of the game and on your journey, you will complete multiple others as well. It is true that the starting missions and fights are pretty simple and easy to win while on the other hand, the advanced-level ones are hard to handle. So, to succeed in those you can use different features, such as the most famous Mega Evolution and the Horde Encounter. 

Pretty Advance Game:

From many aspects, this game is pretty advanced and contains unique features that the previous versions lacked. One of the new items is Dawn Stone, which helps to evolve the Pokemon and make it more powerful, it seems like glittering eye sparkles. Comet Shard is also a new item that can give a hefty amount after selling to the store. The next item is the Poke Toy, which attracts the attention of the Pokemon and helps you escape from the battle. I have only explained the top three new items here, however, there are a lot more available and you will get all the information while playing the game. 

New Moves:

There are 260+ new moves introduced in this game, such as Crafty Shield, Flower Shield, Moonblast, Boomburst, and others. All these moves are pretty good and you will surely enjoy them a lot. 

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Some Other Features:

  1. The presence of 8 Gym Leaders
  2. Multiple Trainers
  3. Rotation Battles
  4. Days and Nights turning cycle
  5. Advance Visuals 
  6. Minor Characters and many others. 

Final Words:

If you have ever played the Pokemon X and Y or Pokemon Emerald version you will see some of their features in it, so download the Pokemon Alpha Sapphire ROM game and start enjoying it on the 3DS console/emulator.