Game NamePokemon Adventure Gold Chapter
ConsoleGame Boy Advance (GBA)
Hacked ofFireRed Version
Size6.05 MB
Version1.2 Beta
Pokemon Adventure Gold Chapter ROM Image

If you have ever played the FireRed version game then you experience pretty similarities in Pokemon Adventure Gold Chapter ROM GBA and the earlier defined one and that is because this game is an advanced/hack version of the FireRed version.

Also, it contains intriguing features and excellent gameplay which makes it pretty interesting to play. So, be ready to explore all the appealing features of this advanced game that I have explained in this article.

About Pokemon Adventure Gold Chapter ROM:

In this game, you will explore both the Kanto and Johto Regions, and the first battle will happen in the backyard of the house just after the selection of the starter Pokemon. Just like other games you also catch different Pokemon creatures in it as well and the interesting thing is that you are allowed to mention a nickname to your captured Pokemon. 

Mentioning the name is a pretty useful feature of this Pokemon Adventure Gold Chapter game because you won’t have to remember hundreds of different Pokemon. Just give them a name and later that name will appear on the screen. Also, in the main menu of the game, there is a “Pokemon” option available, you must visit it before selecting any new Pokemon. 

Pokemon Adventure Gold Chapter Game Screenshots

In that option, you can see all the stats of your Pokemon such as attacking & defense rate, speed, and information on other features. I suggest you compare the stats of all of your captured Pokemon and select the best among them. Also, apart from the “Pokemon” option, there are many others available as well, such as the “bag” where the details of all the items you have gathered on the journey are mentioned. 

I suggest you explore all the options on the menu to get to know everything about it. I really like the diversity of options in it and I am sure you would love it too. Also, remember that the Pokemon energy is measured in HP, so always try to capture the one having the higher HP that will help you to win the battles against the gym leaders. 

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Updated Moves:

All the generation 3 to 5 moves are available in this Gold Chapter Version which is quite advanced. Even some of the moves are pretty powerful and annihilate the complete HP of the opponent in just one attack like Reshiram’s Blue Flare. Some of the other moves that are available in this game are Bolt Strike Bulldoze Aerial Ace Air Cutter, and others. 

Game Image

Excellent Graphics:

It is true that the availability of hundreds of monsters, day and night conversion, and a vast area to discover makes the gameplay enjoyable, but there is another feature of the game that also plays a major role in the popularity of this game and that is the graphics. Here you will experience all sorts of things in the house that we see in our regular life.

Also, there are multiple locations and every location contains beautiful views that are created with a good color combination to provide a very attractive view. Therefore, I must say that this game is perfect in every aspect, and while I was getting reviews of this game from different games they also liked it. 

Game First Battle

Final Words:

Download Pokemon Adventure Gold Chapter ROM and start playing it via the GBA emulator or console. It is one of the best versions of the Pokemon game and contains an excellent storyline. Also, if you are struggling hard to find the correct way in this game just read the instructions that will appear on the screen and you can easily find the way.

I have been playing it for quite some time and believe me I have enjoyed the Gold Chapter version a lot and that is the sole reason I have been writing this article, so you people will know everything about it before downloading. Try other games as well such as Pokemon Puzzle Challenge ROM.