Download Pokemon Ultra Sun ROM to enjoy it on your Android phone or PC with a 3DS emulator. It is the latest version of the previous Pokemon Sun game, therefore, in this ultra version developers have added new additional features and more unique gameplay along with the presence of previous version features as well, such as Mega Evolution, Pokemon Refresh, and others. 

Pokemon Ultra Sun Image
Game NamePokemon Ultra Sun ROM
Size2.7 GB
RegionUSA, Europe
LanguageUSA English

About Pokemon Ultra Sun ROM:

This game was presented by Game Freak in 2017 and along with some other differences between the previous version of Pokemon Sun and this updated Pokemon Ultra Sun game, one major one is the graphics. Players will enjoy this version in 3D and that is the reason the day and night changing mechanism will seem more attractive in it. 

Just at the start of the game, a little icon of start will appear at the bottom of the screen, click on it and some other options will appear. All these are available just to customize the game according to your likes and dislikes. And soon after the customization, the game will start. Here you will enjoy the game in the Alola region. 

So, the first message you will see on the screen is from Alola Region’s Professor Kukui, who by relation is your cousin. It is a video message for you so watch it properly to get to know about the whole situation. Also, when the professor asks several questions about your name, photo, and other general information, mention it as well. 

Professor Kukui Message in Pokemon Ultra Sun ROM

If you don’t know what Alola Region is, then let me tell you that, Alola Region is made up of several islands like Hawaii, where a lot of rare Pokemon are available. I have played this game and that is why I am saying that in this version you will see Pokemon everywhere, such as in grasslands, caves, in the sea, and many other places. 

As you play the role of the trainer here that is why you also have to train your Pokemon to fight with the other fierce Pokemon and many other creatures as well. Moreover, many legendary Pokemon are also available, such as Zygarde, Tapu Fini, and others, so be ready to confront them. Also, this seventh-generation game will never let you feel bored at any point.

Alola Region Image

Game Features:

400+ Different Pokemon:

A lot of new Pokemon creatures are available to train in this Pokemon Ultra Sun game, so be ready to catch them to complete the Pokedex. Currently, more than 400 Pokemon creatures are there, and let’s hope we will get a lot more in the upcoming version of this game. Moreover, you can also try other Pokemon games as well like Pokemon Infinite Fusion.

Advanced 3D Graphics:

As we all know graphics play the utmost important part in the ranking of any game. Here, you will experience Advanced level 3D graphics. Just at the start of the game, you will see the island of Aloha region which is designed with multiple sea-facing houses, green fields, and blue ocean that will provide you with a pretty attractive view and increase your excitement about playing this game. 

Attractive Graphics

Easily Understandable Game:

If you are a newbie and stuck at any point and don’t know what to do next then no need to worry. While playing the game you will see a lot of tips that will appear at the bottom of the screen coming from the professor, your mother, your friend Lillie, or any other character. Just read it properly and take further steps accordingly. 

A lot of Fights:

In this Pokemon game, your main fight is with the evil organization, Team Galactic, who’s trying to take control of the whole world, and the main protagonist, named Alain, tries his best to stop them. So, in its noble mission, you have to help him to your best level.

Here the Team Galactic goons are in white and purple uniforms, so be aware of them always. Moreover, not only the team but other Pokemon trainers also try to overcome your Pokemon, so there is no end of fights and enjoyment in the game. 

Both Online and Offline Mode:

It is an additional feature of this game where you can easily enjoy it online as well as offline. You are allowed to invite your friends into the game and fight along with them or against them, it’s completely your choice. While if you play it offline you can only fight with the other in-game opponents. 

New Z-Moves Mechanism:

Z Move

Through these moves, players can easily boost the power of Pokemon creatures, so their chances of winning the battles increase a lot. Like with Z power Lycanroc can bring Splintered Stormshards and easily grab the victory title. 

Multiple Advanced Level Weapons:

Both melee and magic attack weapons are available in the game, but keep in mind that not a single Pokemon can use all of them. Everyone has their powers/abilities, so to use all these weapons you also have to capture all Pokemon as well. 

Final Words:

Download Pokemon Ultra Sun ROM if you want to enjoy the advanced level graphics, unique storyline, and new locations, such as the region Alola which is completely the opposite of the Kanto region means when the day is in one region the night time of the other.