Pokemon Ultra Moon ROM Image
Game NamePokemon Ultra Moon
Size3.5 GB
RegionUSA, Europe, Japan, Spain

What makes this Pokemon Ultra Moon ROM different from other games is the presence of more unique characters, a lot of new training locations, and many other advanced-level features that will surely increase the gamer’s interest in it.

If you have already tried the Ultra Sun version of Pokemon then you will experience quite similarities between the two, such as both of these games taking place in the Alola region of Huawei and the presence of Z-Moves. 

About Pokemon Ultra Moon ROM:

This game was first released in 2017 and this one is the latest updated version of the game. As it is an online game that is why just after the start once you save the settings the game will completely accustom to it, So the next time you won’t experience any trouble. 

The storyline of Pokemon Ultra Moon Citra revolves around legendary Pokemon creatures such as Lunala, Solgaleo, Necrozma, etc. And among all of them, Lunala is already abducted, therefore, as a Pokemon trainer, it’s your duty to save him from the wicked forces.

Here in the Alola region, Pokemon are quite friendly, which is why the people of that area won’t imagine their life without them, they play with them and these Pokemon also help them in their household work as well. 

Keep in mind that just like you there are many other Pokemon trainers present in Pokemon Ultra Moon 3DS ROM who want to fight with you. So, always focus on the upgradation of all of your Pokemon creatures. 

Battle Image

To power up the Pokemon you can use two different ways, the first and easiest one is using the boosters that will unlock the hidden skills of the Pokemon creatures. The second one is using the Mega Evolution feature. 

Through mega evolution, you can combine two different Pokemon. This way a unique Pokemon will appear that contains the powers of both of its parental Pokemon along with new moves, skills, appearance, and many other features. So, be ready to explore all the options of this game. Also, check out Pokemon Art Academy ROM to enjoy another hour when you get bored from this.


Complete the Pokedex with New Pokemon:

Currently, the version we are providing here contains 807 different Pokemon creatures including the legendary ones, so you can estimate from this wide figure how much you are going to enjoy here. Just start capturing these Pokemon and add them to the Pokedex. 

Many Strategic Battles:

There is no end to battles in the Pokemon Ultra Moon Game. Every Pokemon trainer loves to test their Pokemon in the battle arena because through these battles the winner gets a lot of rewards such as spells, skills, etc. I suggest you get to know all about the weaknesses and strengths of your Pokemon which you take for the battle and keep using different boosters to maximize the winning chances. 

Game Image

Playing with Friends:

In this role-playing genre game, players are allowed to invite their friends and start enjoying and exploring the Pokemon world. This game also offers a live chat option, so if any of your friends are stuck at a point you can sort things out for them. To access the features just press Y on the screen and the chat tab will open. Moreover, you can also participate in the events along with your friends. 

Trainer Customization:

As you are the one who visited the Alola Region, a passport is essential for it that is why every trainer has to select an image, and name, and fill in other essential details that are asked by the professor at the initial stage of the game, so complete it and the next time when someone wants to talk to you that name will appear on the screen.

While selecting the image a wide gallery will appear where every single look of the protagonist or I can say the Pokemon trainer is available that is completely different from others, so select the one that you like. Moreover, every single feature of the customization is unlocked in this game.

Final Words:

Download Pokemon Ultra Moon ROM and start the exploration of a new world of islands named Alola Region. The fans of the Pokemon Ultra Sun game will surely like this one. Here in this article, I have explained the information about this game, so read it and if you want to know more about any other feature regarding this game or any other Pokemon game just mention it in the comment section.