Hey Buddy! Hope you are enjoying the Pokemon ROM hacks available on our site. Today I have a fan-made RPG Maker XP game for you named Pokemon Sage ROM. This is not a ROM hack but a similar game file and can be played on Android, iOS, or Windows operating systems.

For Android you need emulators but on PCs, you only need to run the RPG_RT.exe file you will get inside the downloaded zip folder. And to play this fascinating Pokemon game on Mac or Linux you need the Wine emulator. You can also find Pokemon Opalo ROM from here.

Developer or Publisher4Chan, /vp/
Size274 MB
VersionDemo 2.0.6
Gaming ConsoleRPG Maker XP

Pokemon Sage ROM Download

Get ready to solve the rich cultural mysteries in the Urobos region situated in South and Central America. This is not an official Pokemon game but people love its gameplay due to a change in its storyline, characters, background, and graphical interface. You have to face many challenges in the game and have to fight with some new Gyms and rivals to win the Champion League to get authority to vanish evil organizations. You can also download Pokemon Snap ROM from here to play on your desired device.


Game Features

  • New and unique Pokemon mostly referred to as Fakemon from Generation 1-5 of the Pokemon gaming series.
  • 6 towns and cities and many more interesting locations to explore and fill your Pokedex.
  • 3 Urobos League Gyms
  • Many side-quests are based on real-life events.
  • New and tough rivals, Sprites and Tiles.
  • The game story is similar to the Aztec Empire.
  • 3D Elements
  • You have a variety of choices of starter Pokemon i.e. Grass Type Foliat, Fairy Type Kidling, Water Type Pokemon Aguade, and many more.



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