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Game NamePokemon Sacred Gold Version
Size59 MB

Are you ready to become the world champion in the most famous Pokemon Sacred Gold ROM If yes, then read the whole article where you get authentic information about this advanced game version? In this game, you encounter 493 Pokemon and the places where all this happens are Kanto, Johto, and some others which are pretty unique, meaning you haven’t explored that place in any other Pokemon game. 

About Pokemon Sacred Gold ROM Version:

It is basically the hack version of the Pokemon Fire Red version which is why there are many new things you see in it that will boost your enjoyment a lot. The graphics of this Pokemon game are pretty appealing because of the excellent places with good infrastructure. Also, every area of this game is completely unlocked, so you can easily go to every place.

Game Image

Also, at the start, you get a complete aerial view of the whole game area along with an overview of the 4th generation Pokemon creatures as well. Some of the cool items that as a Pokemon trainer you will get in this game are running shoes, a bicycle, a music player, etc. All these items will help you a lot to complete the missions and tasks. 

To access all the items just go to the main menu and here the “Bag” option is available where along with the upper-defined items you can also grab the keys to explore new areas, Pokeballs, and many other things. Another interesting feature of this game is that you are allowed to change the background music. 

Visit New Areas



Pokemon Sacred Gold ROM is highly customizable, you can change the frames, button mode, battle scene, battle style, and some other options according to your preference. Also, there are 20 different types of frames available. That is also a reason why this Sacred Gold game is gaining popularity one day after the other. 

Presence of TMs:

The “Technical Machine” feature is also included in this version of the Pokemon game, which means you can now train your Pokemon to move advanced ones. 

Advanced Battling System:

We all know that role-playing Pokemon games are all about battling with opponents, and elite forces, but what makes this one unique is the addition of more advanced moves and skill sets. 

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Final Words:

Download Pokemon Sacred Gold Version ROM is a pretty interesting game with plenty of features. With a higher positive rating and many new features, it is the gamer’s first choice. So, why wait just download this game and start enjoying it.