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Game NamePokemon Diamond Version
Size28 MB
RegionUSA, Europe

Pokemon Diamond ROM is a 5th generation game having pretty nice graphics, an advanced battle mechanism, a new story, and top of all availability of Pokemon gyms. Moreover, just like other Pokemon games here you also see multiple different Pokemon creatures that will unlock the doors of multiple adventures. If you are pretty new to this game and don’t know about the storyline and other features of this game then you must reach the whole article to get to know all information about it. 

The game starts at Twinleaf Town of Sinnoh Region where your house exists. In this town, you meet with a lot of different people and visit multiple areas to collect resources and get valuable news about your next visit. Remember that you are allowed to enter almost every house, so must visit it because on every single visit you will get a new item.

About Pokemon Diamond ROM:

Developers have created this game in a pretty user-friendly manner. At the very start, there are three options appearing on the screen regarding the game information. Here you get to know about the controls information, and the adventures information or you can click on no information needed in case you already know everything about it. 

After that players select the gender and then define a name for the protagonist. Remember that the instructions of the professor are pretty important because he is the researcher of Pokemon creatures, so what he says will help you to play the game in the right manner. So, read all the information carefully and take further steps according to it. 

Also, Pokemon Diamond NDS ROM opens the door to a new location for you named Sinnoh Region, which is designed in a pretty attractive way. Here you will see mighty mountains, green fields, and sea views and the best one is the beautifully designed houses which seem pretty real, just like our houses. 

Select one from three

I suggest you must visit “Verity Lakefront” because here you will get three choices of Pokemon creatures and you have to select one to start the journey. In the three Pokeballs the first one is Chimchar, the second one is Turtwig, and the third one is Piplup. When I played I selected the Piplup because of its amazing features, however, it is up to you what you would like to select. 


New Locations:

What really makes this game different from others is the presence of different locations where a lot of different Pokemon are available for capture. 

Get Gym Badges:

Here you have to battle with a lot of different gym trainers and after the victory, you would be able to get the Gym badge. To collect the badges you must visit many different places and build robust strategies to win the battles. 

A lot of Pokemon Creatures:

There are more than 100 different Pokemon available in this Pokemon Diamond ROM. So, download it and start capturing them to be the best Pokemon trainer. 

Game Image

Final Words:

Pokemon Diamond ROM is nothing but a complete package of adventure and enjoyment. You can also play this game by using the Nintendo DS (NDS) emulators on your Android phone or on your PC, it is completely up to you. So, download this game and enjoy it. Moreover, for more interesting games like Pokemon Ultra Moon ROM, visit our PokemonsRom.com Website.

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