Get your starters from Professor Juniper and get ready to conquer the Beaulés region in Pokemon Chaos Black ROM. This is a GBA ROM so you need a GBA emulator to play this game on your Android, iOS, Linux, and Windows operating system.

Developer & PublisherMewthree Inc, Mike25, Enix-Zae
VersionComplete 3.1
Orignal GamePokemon Fire Red Version
Original GameGame Boy Advance (GBA)
RegionWorldwide, USA
Size5.1 MB
Release Year2009

Pokemon Chaos Black ROM


The story begins with the rumor of returning four Pokegods locked hundreds of years ago with the help of a union of Pokemon masters to save the world from their oppression. But now they are free and back on the Beaulés region’s roads situated west of Magore. They are successors to the Se Corp empire by Eseal and now they want it back.

So, Professor Oak who is the scientist and the protector of the Pokemon world has to choose somebody who can stop them and Team Soul who has shaken hands with the Pokegods. The professor selects his grandson and player and trains them by opposing both of them as their rivals.


After training player and his rival have to work as a team to capture wild Pokemon from different dangerous places i.e. Tall grass in the forest of Viridian City. And also have to fight with different Gyms to collect badges and visit Pokemart of Viridian City to collect a package from the clerk for the Professor.


  • 8 Gyms to fight and collect badges i.e. Brock at Pewter City, Surge of Vermillion City, Koga of Fuchsia City, Blaine of Cinnabar Island, Giovanni of Viridian City, Erika of Celadon City, Misty of Cerulean City and Sabrina of Saffron City.
  • New Elite Four and Team Soul
  • The professor gives you the ability to restore your Pokemon HP by 20.
  • 3 starter Pokemon, Magid – a Grass, and Electric-type Pokémon with Tackle and Leech Seed moves, Flaon – a Fire-type Pokémon with Scratch and Growl moves, and a water type Pokemon Bliqu with tackle and charm moves.
  • You have two Pokedexes one is yours and the other is your rival and you can easily transfer Pokemon to each other.
  • Best and latest quality graphics with a unique sound system.
  • Funny background music.
  • You will enjoy the interesting gameplay of this Pokemon ROM hack while exploring the region to find wild and legendary Pokemon for your Pokemon team.

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Pokemon Chaos Black Cheats

  • Walkthrough Walls: 78DA95DF 44018CB4
  • Unlimited HP: 01ff16dd0
  • Unlimited Rare Candies: 820258400044
  • Buy Everything in 1$ from Pokemart: 3C25A344 FD8F451C
  • Master Balls Code: 82003884 0001