Get ready for a new adventure by downloading this RPG game Pokemon Bronze ROM created by Freako with the help of the codebase of Pokemon Gold with some additions in gameplay from Pokemon Brown and Prism.

This game belongs to the 2nd generation of the Pokemon gaming series and you are a Pokemon warrior and trainer who has to save the world by finishing the evil organization like Elite Four and other opponents of peace.


Developer & PublisherFreako
GenreRole-Playing, Adventure
RegionWorld, USA
Codebase ofPokemon Gold
Gaming ConsoleGame Boy Color
Size738 KB
Release Year2012

Story of Pokemon Bronze ROM

The story begins in the region of Kohto which is situated in the south of Kanto and connected with an underground path. The player is a young boy who is more interested in Pokemon and social work and always wanted to become a Pokemon master and the situation gives him a chance to fulfill his dream.

To control the sudden attack on Kohto by the terrorist organization professors need a determined person who fights against them and brings peace to the region. So, he selected the player and gave him a starter Pokemon.


How to Play Pokemon Bronze ROM?

You need to download a GBC emulator according to your device, My recommended emulator for GBC cartridges is My OldBoy for the Android Operating system and BGB for the Windows operating system.

Download one according to your device and after that download the Zip file of ROM from here and load it into the emulator, the emulator will automatically install the game in a few minutes or seconds depending upon your device’s specifications. Here is another famous GBC ROM Pokemon Trading Card Game also available to Download Free.

Game Features

  • New Region to explore and catch Pokemon.
  • Some changes in the graphical interface.
  • Starter Pokemon are a mix of Pokemon Red, Yellow, and Gold Version i.e. Totodile, Pichu, Charmander.
  • 8 new towns are added in the region.
  • Some game objects like grass, trees, and paths are changed in appearance.
  • All Pokemon from Generation 2 and 1 of the Pokemon series.
  • You have to fight with 8 Gym leaders similar to other Pokemon games to win badges and increase your EXP.

Pokemon Bronze Cheats

  • Encounter Shiny Pokemon: 010719D1
  • Unlimited EXP: 014432DA
  • Unlimited PP: 01FF71DA 91FF26DD
  • Rare Candies: 0120B8D5 912093D8
  • Master Balls: 0101BAD5 910195D8
  • Unlock Badges: 91FF57D8
  • Walk Through Walls: 010AA5CE
  • Max Money: 910F4ED8
  • Have Bike Speed: 010182D6 91015DD9