Detective Pikachu ROM
DeveloperCreatures Inc
ConsoleNintendo 3DS
PublisherPokemon Company for Nintendo 3DS
ReleasedJapan, 2016
RegionJapan – All World

This game is based on an action film “Pokemon Detective Pikachu” which was released in 2019. In this film a young man Tim Goodman is searching for his father by collaborating with Pikachu who is a great detective and has ability to solve this type of adventurous cases. As the film, Detective Pikachu ROM game story is also based on solving mystery of Tim’s father disappearance with the help of Pikachu in the city of Rhyme.

How to Play Detective Pikachu ROM?

This game is a spin-off of Pokemon anime series and very enjoyable. As a player you are acting as Tim and you have to find clues by exploring city, solving puzzles, interacting with the objects and solving some side cases to reach to the final case objective.

When you collect enough clues click on the Pikachu’s icon and get a valuable suggestion to move on and find the final answer of the quest.

Game Features

  • In this game, you can take pictures of the clues and objects and save them to see them later. You can zoom these pictures and see different aspects and angles.
  • Investigation of different cases in this engaging and unique gameplay.
  • Beautiful 3D graphics

Important Note: Download this CIA (CTR Importable Archive) and install it on Citra emulator to enjoy this game on any operating system i.e. Android, PC, iOS and MAC. You do not need any handheld gaming console to play this game after downloading the rom file.